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whipping out your wedding album years down the road

to reconnect with images that tell only part of your life's big day


..missing the chance to relive that sacred moment when you exchanged your vows,

Or when your spouse expressed how blessed they are to have found you

Or that toast from your bridesmaid who got everyone moved..

Would YOU let these big moments just pass by?

If you're all on romance, you would definitely want to capture these cause once they go, they never come back..

At Diamond Film Productions,
we go out to capture these moments for you so that you can focus on enjoying your wedding
And when we're done crafting your film, all you need to do is just sit back, relax and enjoy your wedding film with your spouse and loved ones..
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It is surely exciting to finally get your wedding photos, though have you wondered if your friends and family would look through each and everyone of them?


If you are worried of overwhelming your friends & family when you start posting your wedding photos,

there is always another way to get their attention.


Cinematic Film of your wedding.


-Skip the endless photo selections and uploads

-One convenient shareable link for ALL to watch

-One convenient post to your social media

-One film to capture it all and relive for a lifetime

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Danial was a perfect videographer for our special day. He went the extra mile to help set up. He's punctual (he came few hrs earlier than actual timing to do the set up), professional, friendly and focused. PM him if u need a videographer, he is affordable, knowledgeable and patient. I strongly recommend him 👍 Good job Danial thumbs up!!


Happy with the video bro. Was very sweet, can watch it over and over again. I can't wait to send the videos to my friends :)


Danial did such an impressive job capturing the magical moments from our wedding. Khai and I are very grateful to have him filmed our wedding celebration, and we highly recommend him to anyone for any event.


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